A Canadian Success Story

Yard Boys got its start in 1993 when Chris Millsap, the CEO of Yard Boys, attached a wooden cart to his bike and started towing his lawn mower around to cut neighbour’s lawns. By the time Chris was in grade 10 he had 3 classmates as employees. He named his fast-growing business ‘Yard Boys’. When he graduated from high school and went off to the University of Guelph to study agriculture a partner  kept the business running.

The defining moment for Chris came toward the end of University. On a visit, back to Creemore for a hockey tournament, Chris had to make a decision. The business had grown to $150,000 in annual revenue and had reached the point where he had to sell it and move on to other endeavours or get serious about Yard Boys. He got serious.

Independently Owned

Yard Boys is not a franchise operation. When you call Yard Boys your call does not get routed to a call centre. You are connected immediately to a person who can deal with your questions and provide answers.

A Household Name

A reputation for customer satisfaction has made Yard Boys a household name in the Southern Georgian Bay Area and is what sets Yard Boys apart

Proven Experience

Yard Boys staff have been in the Southern Georgian Bay area for generations and know the area from the ground up – summer and winter.

Professional service

Yard Boys delivers the friendly personalized service of a small company but at the same time has the resources to take on even the biggest jobs year-round

Quality and Consistency

Yard Boys builds long-term relationships with clients by consistently providing the highest standard of quality in property maintenance for residential, commercial customers and municipal customers.

We have successfully maintained the friendly personalized service that all customers value while at the same time acquiring the resources in manpower, equipment and know-how to take on the biggest jobs – winter or summer

Residential Service

In the summer months Yard Boys delivers the pleasure of coming home to a freshly mown, green lawn and in the winter months the peace of mind of a snow free driveway.

Municipal Service

Municipalities all over Ontario have trusted Yard Boys with road side brush cutting and grass cutting to clear ditches, improve site lines, reveal road signs and make more room for winter snow removal.

Request a Quote

We’ve got you covered for your Residential, Commercial or Municipal lawn care and show removal needs. Pick up the phone and call 705 428 0408 or request a quote.

Commercial Service

Yard Boys works hard to keep your place of business looking it’s best in the summer and free of snow and ice in the winter.

Customer Experience

We truly believe that in a business like ours, we will only be as successful as the customer experience we deliver. To us that means: A timely, pleasant and professional experience from the moment you contact us, polite, professionally attired staff, well-maintained and reliable equipment, clean, branded vehicles, and an outstanding safety record.

Our customers tell us all the time, we are nice people to deal with.

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Having a beautiful property doesn’t mean you should spend all your time maintaining it! Leave that to the Yard Boys.

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