Yard Boys can keep your commercial property looking great all year round.

Grass Cutting

Yard Boys will provide a regular service program designed to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best from early spring until the snow flies.

Weed Control and Fertilization

There are now cost – effective environmentally friendly products on the market which will control weeds with regular application. Ask us about a program of weed control and fertilization which will give you that lush, green lawn.

Irrigation Systems

In addition to keeping your lawn and garden looking their best all season, an in-ground sprinkler system will help minimize the amount of water you use. It will keep your property and our planet green and save you money. Yard Boys designs, installs and maintains sprinkler systems

Field and Road-side brush cutting

Commercial property owners in Southern Ontario have been trusting Yard Boys with road-side brush cutting for years to clear ditches, improve sight lines and make more room for snow removal.

Snow Plowing

Yard Boys has a variety of equipment to fit any size job. We watch the weather network closely from an app on our smart phones and on nights when it is snowing we have a night patrol of our entire service area. We look for snow accumulation but also the presence of slush and freezing rain.

Sanding and Salting

Yard Boys provides salting and sanding services that keep your property safe for guests and give you piece of mind.