Yard Boys delivers the pleasure of coming home to a freshly mown, green lawn and in the winter months the peace of mind of a snow free driveway.

Grass Cutting

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is a job for experts. Yard Boys will provide a regular service program designed to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best from early spring until the snow flies.

Irrigation Systems

In addition to keeping your lawn and garden looking their best all season, an in-ground sprinkler system will help minimize the amount of water you use. It will keep your property and our planet green and save you money. Yard Boys designs, installs and maintains sprinkler systems

Field-side brush cutting

Farmers have been trusting Yard Boys to push back their fence rows for years. We do the job quickly and safely. We have the right equipment and we take the headache out of doing the job yourself.

Snow Plowing

Yard Boys has a variety of equipment – large and small- to fit any size job. It is not uncommon to have 25 centimeters or more in The Town of Blue Mountains and just a few centimeters in Stayner or Barrie.

Sanding and Salting

Yard Boys provides salting and sanding services that keep your property safe for guests and give you piece of mind. Salt prevents any dangerous ice accumulations from occurring.